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Integrity Mutual Funds, Inc. Announces sale of Mutual Fund Division to Employee-owned Group

Minot, North Dakota – March 12, 2009 – Integrity Mutual Funds, Inc. (IMFD.OB), a mutual fund and financial services company, has announced the sale of its mutual fund division.  

Integrity Mutual Funds, Inc., the parent company of Integrity Money Management, entered into an agreement with Corridor Investors, LLC and Viking Fund Management, LLC, subject to certain terms and conditions, to purchase the Fund division. Corridor is a recently formed North Dakota limited liability company, and it is currently anticipated that interests in Corridor will be owned by, among others, certain officers and employees of Integrity and Viking. Upon the completion of the transaction, it is expected that, primarily through its subsidiaries, Corridor will provide investment advisory, distribution, and other services to mutual funds currently in the Integrity and Viking fund families.

“At this time we don’t anticipate any changes in employees, fund management or investment advisory fees or services which is very positive for the Integrity team and our valued shareholders,” said Brad Wells, Interim President and CEO of Integrity Mutual Funds. “The Company's wholly owned subsidiary, Capital Financial Services, Inc.  is not being sold or transferred and it will continue to operate through Capital Financial Services, Inc. in all locations.”

Integrity Mutual Funds, Inc. is publicly traded over the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol IMFD.OB. With its subsidiaries, Integrity Money Management, Inc., Integrity Fund Services, Inc., and Integrity Funds Distributor, Inc., the firm sponsors, manages, and advises mutual funds. IMFD also owns Capital Financial Services, Inc., a full-service brokerage firm that specializes in providing investment products and services to over 350 independent investment representatives, financial planners, and investment advisors throughout the United States. More information is available at or by calling 800/276-1262.

Kelly Cinelli

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